Previously home to James Bond’s Skyfall, Hankley Common near Elstead is being transformed into a medieval village for a new film adaption of Macbeth, starring Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard.

“Once again our Surrey heathland is standing in for Scotland and the filmmakers have been working hard to create that authentic foggy look with their smoke machines,” says Lucy Browne, The Foraging Photographer, who has visited the film set and took this fantastic shot.

Macbeth film set at Hankley Common (Photo:

“Today they were filming crowd fight scenes. It’s a good job it’s wet January rather than dry high summer, as there were actors waving flaming torches around. Lots of smoke, shouting and the clash of swords.”

For a taste of the above fight action, Lucy captured the scene in this YouTube video.

As always with these behind the scenes film shots, it’s impressive how such temporary structures can so quickly appear timeless – you can find pics from Robin Hood, Snow White, War Horse and others @

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Are you looking forward to a cinema remake of Shakespeare’s The Scottish Play or would you rather they left Macbeth to the stage?