If someone had told me five years ago that five years after moving to Wivenhoe we'd be invited to the vicar's garden party for wine and sandwiches, I would have laughed at them. 

Ha ha ha ha, I would have gone. But today it came true, thanks to the Gorilla (named curiously by Jane's cousin Melanie as Vasco de Gama! Huh? Where on earth did she pull that name from?) who adorned the Boat For My Potplants for the Wivenhoe Open Gardens. 

Today the cheques were presented to the church and local charities benefitting from the record £4000 raised during that weekend, and participants were thanked for their gardening efforts, including 'Erindoors and yours truly. 

I particularly enjoyed the very agreeable refreshments today. 

Or did I particularly agree with the very enjoyable refreshments? 

Whatever. Hic.