Why will I be taking along a bottle of bubbly to the boat club on Tuesday? Read on to see the latest in a long stream of incredible things that have happened since I began this journey. And to see the blockbuster videos, please go to my blog at www.aboatformypotplants.blogspot.com

On Tuesday evening I'll be going along to see the wonderful group of people that is the Alresford Creek Boat Owners' Association. Nobody there cares two hoots that I don't have a 'real, proper, sailing boat', and that instead I have a floating garden and shed that doesn't actually go anywhere, except vertically with the tide.

That's why I like going there, on the first Tuesday of every month. There are no airs and graces. No one looking down their noses at me.

Of course, I admit my Boat For My Potplants has indeed been lacking in the motor department ever since I became its proud owner.

But all that is soon about to change, cross fingers, with the help of those very nice people at Suzuki.

Incredibly, I have been offered one of their finest outboards, no other than a 15hp little beauty, all shiny and black, with long shaft and electric start.

I can't wait to tell my friends on Tuesday evening that it will only be a matter of time till I'll be joining them on the river, thanks to the powers-that-be at Suzuki GB. I may even take along a bottle of Carver to celebrate with them.

To discuss things in finer detail, I've been invited by Marketing Manager and top-bloke Gareth, to visit their offices in Milton Keynes. I'm counting down the days until that all-important meeting.

In the meantime, the recent heavy snow has prevented me from doing the planned varnishing of the rear deck today. So I thought I'd go along and just gaze adoringly at the Suzuki catalogue and dream of being out on the river this summer.