What's going on in Deepest Wivenhoe? Read on to get a glimpse into village life here...

It Goes With The Territory

Blimey! Who would have thought such a hornets' nest could be stirred up so much by a little boat with flowers on it?

Mick asked me where my boat was going.
Bryce told me to put it there.
Mick said that was Pierre's space.
But Bryce told me to put it there.
Josh said the space belonged to Pierre.
Marvin told Josh to shut up.
Bryce had told me to put it there.
Pierre's boat is over at Daron's space.
Daron will want to bring his boat back soon.
Josh will have to sort things out with Bryce.
Gerard got all upset with Bryce.
Andres laughed.
George stood back to watch.

And I carried on watering my potplants.