THINGS can change so quickly in football.

Just a few short weeks ago, I was interviewing a clearly annoyed Paul Jewell on the touchline at Roots Hall, Southend, where he ripped into his players for not being good enough.

He then uttered the immortal lines that fans have rightly clung onto since...'I guarantee we will have new players before the start of the season'.

Well, Paul, the season started last Saturday and the number of new faces since losing to Southend remains at zero.

Of course, since deservedly losing 2-1 to the League Two side, things have turned remarkably quickly.

Those same players chastised by the boss have proved him wrong by putting in sterling performances against West Ham and Colchester in friendlies and then following them up with a decent start to the season against Blackburn Rovers and Watford.

So far so good, especially with the addition of powerhouse midfielder Guirane N'Daw set to be finalised today.

Jewell has been around the game long enough to know things can change, both good and bad. Indeed, he has had his fair share of swings in his year-and-a-half at Portman Road.

But one stat would shiver down the spine of even the most experienced of managers - and my thanks to @chompx3 on Twitter for pointing out this rather alarming coincidence.

Jewell has started the season with very little financial backing in the transfer market, having won his first League Cup match and secured four points from a possible six.

The last Town manager to do exactly that? Roy Keane, two years ago. 

It's getting beyond a joke now.

The club yesterday announced the departure of Jaime Peters, someone loved by large sections of the fans but never by Paul Jewell.

Peters was right to have his supporters. He always gave 100%, he had an extraordinary leap for someone so small and he was as versatile as they come - which was possibly both a help and a hindrance.

I saw him be the best player on the park more than once under Roy Keane, who clearly rated him, and then in one of his final starts for the first team, when Arsenal was shocked in the Carling Cup semi-final on a magical Portman Road night.

Peters was fantastic for those 90 minutes, when every man in blue put in a heroic shift.

Compare that to his performance against Northampton Town in last season's Carling Cup exit when he was largely woeful.

Fans say Jewell never gave Peters a shot. And the stats back that up with the Canadian featuring in the equivalent of just three-and-a-half games under the Blues boss.

But the manager is a big believer in training as if you are playing. Peters failed to impress. He was then loaned to Bournemouth where he once again failed to impress.

At only 25, and following the likes of Chelsea and Manchester United circling him before he chose Ipswich, Peters clearly has something - and every Town fan will hope he finds it elsewhere.

Now once Nathan Ellington leaves, as expected, can I please stop writing the words 'mutual agreement' when it comes to Town?!