IN years gone by, describing a home draw on the opening day of the season as 'positive' would have been unheard of.

But these are changing times at IP1. 

A side with an average age of 23-and-a-half, containing six players 22 and under, coming from behind and almost beating big-money Blackburn. There are lots to be cautiously optimistic about.

Of course not everything was perfect. Rovers' opener from impressive new signing Colin Kazim-Richards was one to forget for both Tommy Smith, who criminally misjudged the corner allowing Scott Dann a free header, but also a number of his team mates who gave the Blackburn striker a free header inside the six-yard-box.

And for all their decent possession, Town too often seemed to falter when they approached the final third. A lack of a creative spark in the middle of the park remains a worry although Lee Martin was back to his best in the centre and Josh Carson offered great hope on one flank.

Then there was poor Jay Emmanuel-Thomas who quite simply had an afternoon to forget. He rarely got the better of his marker, both Jason Lowe and Bradley Orr, and his touch strangely deserted him.

He had a glorious opening in the second half to equalise but stumbled with the goal at his mercy while 60 seconds later, his match was complete when he allowed a simple pass to roll under his foot and out into touch.

Soon after, he was taken off and his replacement, Jason Scotland, helped change the game in the Blues' favour.

When asked about new signings, Paul Jewell joked to the press that he he hoped to have Emmanuel-Thomas available for Watford tomorrow night - but it was only a quip typical of the Blues boss who quickly retracted the statement.

What was more unsavoury was some of the reaction towards JET that I heard from, I stress, only a minority both during the match and when he was taken off.

You could argue the former Arsenal man hasn't helped himself. He was said to be considering a rap career with Chipmunk, tweeted the word 'mugs' when talking about Town fans after a summer friendly while his persona makes him come across as if he is some kind of big man.

But in my numerous dealings with him, both last season and this, nothing could be further from the truth.

I was slightly shocked when I spoke to JET for the first time and found a humble, softly-spoken man. He cares deeply about football and, after a stuttering few years, he just wants to succeed.

On Saturday, he was dismal and deserved the 5/10 I gave him in the Ipswich Star this morning.

But he's 21 years old and therefore still learning the game. Before last season, he spent far too long on the fringes despite his undeniable talent. He might come across as lackadaisical on the pitch, but he wants to become a winner.

Of course he is raw, who isn't at 21, and of course there will be times he will have a 'mare. But so will his fellow young team-mates, Hyam, Carson and, even, Luongo.

But I still maintain JET will prove to be a snip for Ipswich Town and this season he will only get better and better.

Here is a little taste of his past in a Town shirt - and what we all want to see more of in the future.