I am about to make myself pretty unpopular with a section of Blues fans.

Simon Clegg's comments that he would not rule out renaming Portman Road in exchange for the big bucks bought about by a main sponsor rightly divided supporters.

Though he had mentioned it before, it was a little foot-in-mouth as the press had been invited to the ground for the unveiling of the new East of England Co-operative Stand, so a positive story.

Instead, the chief executive's words provoked a storm of criticism - both at the man and the idea - and also a fair share of support.

While still very much up in the air, as Clegg himself admitted, I tend to find myself budging towards the latter group.

Here me out. First and foremost, I think every Town fan would love to see a successful team made up of local lads and a museum devoted to the club's fantastic past achievements (and future ones) in a Premier League ground that will always be officially known as Portman Road.

But football has changed forever. For the good? Largely no, but changed it has and Ipswich - and therefore Clegg - must do everything they can to ensure and enhance the financial stability of the club.

We can't just sit back and rely on Marcus Evans' millions. If that was the case, it would be Ipswich paying £3 million on a striker rather than thumbing through the free agents list.

At the end of the day, whether the ground was sponsored by Adnams or Aldi, it will always be known by fans as Portman Road. 

I am not saying it should happen tomorrow but it is an idea worth perusing, which is exactly what Clegg said during Tuesday's press conference.

It could be that a few million pounds could be brought in to strengthen the team, pay wages or simply just help with running costs. 

That's not to say I agree with everything Clegg has done. Far, far from it. He uses far too much company speak for my liking and personally I would like to see a footballing man working alongside him.

But on this occasion, I think he should be spared criticism.

Goalkeepers, goalkeepers and more goalkeepers.

This week, like most of the summer, has been dominated by them. Is Tom Heaton coming on trial? Will Scott Loach get his apparent wish and sign for his boyhood club? Will Arran Lee-Barrett ludicrously be the only keeper travelling on next week's Dutch tour?

So many questions.

Once again the spotlight has fallen on Town stoppers this week, both past and present. First of all Richard Wright cut short his career with Preston to return to Suffolk citing home-sickness. With his family settled in Ipswich, Wright decided the pain of being away from them was too much to take and swiftly cut up his contract with Graham Westley's much-changed squad.

I am sure he got flak from the locals up there, but Wright was brave enough to make the decision. He's one of the good guys, Richard, who trains like an absolute animal. Here's hoping that he finds the right club real soon.

Then there is Eldin Jakupovic.

Someone, I admit, I had never heard of before last week's first day of pre-season when the mission started - and quickly ended - to locate the new trialist.

But just as I started learning to spell Jakupovic, the big man had upped and gone - signing for Hull City on a two-year deal, to end one of the shortest trials in Ipswich Town's proud history.

I just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who made last Sunday's Mason's Magic charity day possible. To the organisers of the fantastic day, the players of the two matches and the fans who braved the rain before enjoying the sun.

I should also mention Michael Chopra, Jay Emmanuel-Thomas, Joe Whight and Josh Carson who attended the fun day at Ipswich Wanderers to support Mason. Take a bow lads.

I know Mason's family really enjoyed the occasion and appreciated everyone's help and support.

My next blog (ie next Friday) will come after two Town matches, although those very much of the training variety, and a special fans game where I hope to line up with legend Frans Thijssen. 

Stay tuned to the Star and EADT newspapers and www.greenun24.co.uk for words, photos and videos of all the action from the Netherlands. Until next time.

* Let me know your views on any of the above or indeed anything ITFC-related by commenting below or emailing dave.gooderham@archant.co.uk