At his worst, he would wake up in the middle of the night in search of his next hit.

He would lie to his parents before looking for an excuse to make a quick exit while he was never "grateful" for the time he spent with his little boy.

His employment was almost second fiddle as his mind became quickly riddled by his addiction even minutes after huge personal glory.

This is the depth Michael Chopra stooped too as his gambling addiction took hold.

In many ways, his candid, heart-wrenching words in today's East Anglian Daily Times and Evening Star could be associated with any serious addiction.

But there is something about gambling that almost seems light-hearted. We all like a flutter on the Grand National or betting on the first goalscorer at a football match. I know I do.

Only Chopra fell much deeper and darker, spiralling into a world where he would win "big money", but still not be satisfied. He would also lose massive amounts and then frantically look at the latest odds to try and win his money right back.

Like with alcoholics or drug users, he would lie to those around him  - including Paul Jewell - and just spend a matter of minutes with the ones he loved before wanting to disappear down the bookies.

Perhaps his comments about his relationship with his son are the most heart-rendering of them all:

"I'm spending a lot more time with my little boy which before I wasn't grateful of. People say that your kids should be the best thing in your world but as a gambler I didn't see that. Yesterday, I went home to see my little boy and spent eight, nine hours with him. It was amazing, I didn't have any thoughts about gambling at all."

Powerful stuff and the honesty shown by Town's top goalscorer, as well as Paul Jewell's handling of the situation at yesterday's press conference, should be applauded.

Both player and manager has spoken of Chopra's false dawns, something that fans of Sunderland and Cardiff City can also testify to. 

In our newspapers today, Chopra speaks a good game and the player should be warmed by all the messages of support from Blues fans that flooded into us following yesterday's breaking - if not surprising - news.

One can only hope and pray that a man who admitted to waking up in the middle of the night to bet on football matches in Brazil and Argentina can accept the help he so desperately needs from the likes of the Sporting Chance Clinic and those closer to home.

Everyone connected at Ipswich Town, from the owner right down to the local press, will ensure he gets the right kind of support.

The rest is up to Michael Chopra.