PAUL Jewell was never going to like reports that one of his players was considering a music career with a hip-hop rapper called Chipmunk.

The Town boss has criticised Twitter in the past and footballers' lifestyles in the present. In many ways, he is a traditionalist, which makes him at odds with a young footballer wanting to break into the music charts.

The player in question is Jay Emmanuel-Thomas, a 20-year-old who also hankers to be a rapper, if his aformentioned pal Chipmunk is to be believed.

Jewell was not a happy bunny when I mentioned to him that Mr Munk had been quoted in a national newspaper saying that he would be collaborating with JET.

The big problem in the big man's plans is that he is struggling to break into Ipswich Town's team, never mind the charts.

It might be a different story if JET was soaring - sorry  - but at the moment, he is pretty much grounded (last pun, I promise). 

The manager wants his enigma to concentrate all his efforts on the football field and that is completely understandable. Unfortunately, footballers and musicians mix in similar circles, JET and Chipmunk are good friends, and the £1 million signing was hardly likely to be content with just sleepy Suffolk, when the bright lights of the capital are not too far away.

Regardless of what JET does with his spare time, it is Jewell's job to channel the player into winning over fans after a largely disappointing start to life with the Blues. That might be the harder than stopping the former Arsenal man from trying to conquer the charts.

After Jewell had finished discussing the merits of Emmanuel-Thomas, he admitted that he had no idea who this Chipmunk was.

So here's a flavour for you Paul.


* Spitballing in the office yesterday, we wondered what songs Emmanuel-Thomas might be able to perform. 'Jet' by Wings was an obvious one, 'Benny and the Jets' by Elton John more of a curveball. Then someone mentioned 'Jet Back' by the Beatles. It was time to get back to the day job.


* Of course, JET would be following in some very dodgy footsteps when it comes to footballers showcasing their, erm, 'music' skills. 

Terry Venables, Hoddle & Waddle, Ian Wright, Gazza....oh the list goes on and on and it doesn't get any better.

But is JET gonna be more Ruud Gullit....

...or Andy Cole???

One hopes neither.