PAUL Jewell was on typical good form at yesterday's pre-Portsmouth press conference.

He talked about how he is enjoying watching his unbeaten side play at the moment, admitted the Blues were "miles off" from a top-six place at the start of the season and even left the door ajar for Tamas Priskin to impress again.

But on one matter he was deadly serious - the return of last season's skipper David 'Chuck' Norris.

There have been some discussions on ITFC forums and Twitter whether the former captain will actually get booed on his return to Portman Road.

Such a notion is preposterous and anyone who does so should hang their head in shame.

To me, as confirmed by Jewell yesterday, Chuck's departure was completely amicable. At 30 years old, the family man was understandably stalling to get the best contract possible - arguably the last big deal of his career.

Ipswich, I believe, offered him a fair deal, including a two-year contract, but Portsmouth came in with an "unbelievable" offer and a guaranteed extra year.

It transpires, as most thought, that Norris never wanted to leave Town, but who in their right mind would turn down more money and an extra year when they are approaching the twilight of their career?

Norris was nothing more than a dedicated servant to Ipswich, never giving anything less than 100% for the cause - and the same applies on the training pitch, Jewell confirmed. Off-the-pitch, he was a friendly guy who understood the role of being club captain.

But this doesn't mean that I mourn his departure. Far from it.

Norris had qualities - a good engine, a never-say-side attitude and, for one season at least, some goals to his name - and his one for Pompey on Saturday was certainly a cracker!

But for me, his talent was limited. He never seemed good enough to be able to play in a traditional 4-4-2 formation, Jewell's favourite lest we forget, and only shined when the manager thought he had no choice but to play three in the heart of midfield.

In his defence, he did play in a very unsettled Ipswich Town team and had problems with injuries. But I still think he was more of a workhorse and given both his age and ability, a two-year contract offer was completely reasonable.

Some might blame Simon Clegg or Marcus Evans for the player's departure, but recent history has shown that the buck stops with the manager - and I firmly believe it was Jewell's decision to sanction the offer made to the midfielder, and his subsequent decision to leave for Fratton Park.

But it was the right one. I personally wouldn't swap Norris for any one of the current Town midfield - with Jewell now rightly focusing on bringing younger players around them in the coming months. The pursuit of Jonjo Shelvey shows that.

Norris deserves respectful applause from everyone inside Portman Road tonight, but I am only concerned with the future of Ipswich Town, not its past.

    * Of course, should Norris play a blinder tonight, I appreciate that the above comments will all be shot down!

What do you think? Should the club have done more to keep David Norris at Portman Road? Leave your thoughts below.