ANOTHER day, another player.

Today's chosen target was the lesser-known Jesus Rueda, a midfielder at Real Valladolid who is said to be subject of an accepted bid from the Blues. 


Duty-bound to check out every lead in this silliest of seasons, a quick internet search uncovers a 24-year-old Spaniard, sent out on loan at Cordoba and yet to really make his mark in the Primera Liga. 

As an aside, there is also an award-winning Spanish composer by the same name (see, you get everything in this blog).

But that's nowhere near enough. We need to find out whether there is any substance in a rumour about a player I hadn't heard of before I woke up this morning.

The club website and Spanish journalists were located, thanks to Google Translator which reliably informed me that Rueda had returned from his loan spell with "a hunger for victory in his eyes". Err, thanks.

The search for Jesus continues, as does Paul Jewell's hunt for more players.

Rueda will be kept in the same file as Faris Haroun, but at least I'm learning more and more about mid-table European football.

Just ask me anything about Germinal Beerschot or indeed dodgy songs from Belgian fans, I'm your man.

I'm not moaning though. This is the nature of the pre-season beast for every football writer, forced to feed on scraps and Twitter tittle-tattle.

It can be frustrating for all but when you hear that the likes of Michael Chopra is signing, it can also be hugely exciting and rewarding.

Although pre-season training, and friendlies, are now upon us, football fans will still be forced to settle for a diet of rumour and speculation for a little while yet.

Judging by the messages on and beyond, some supporters want to know every cough and splutter, others just want the facts ma'am.

We will always endeavour to try and strike the right balance.

I think most should be satisfied with some excellent early business by Jewell et al, but this has only increased the demands and expectations among the Blues faithful. 

One thing we can surely all agree on, the PJ revolution is warming up nicely. Now where's my Spanish dictionary?