THE recent stand-off between AFC Bournemouth and the local paper - 'The Bournemouth Daily Echo' - had me thinking about any near fall-outs that I may have experienced over the last 20 years or so.

The Daily Echo has won a lot of admirers for the stance it has taken, after being banned from attending games at Dean Court by the League One club.

Last week, Cherries media executive Max Fitzgerald released a statement to the Bourmemouth fans’ website - Up The Cherries.

It began as follows: "The Bournemouth Daily Echo has been asked to cease attendance at AFC Bournemouth home matches for the foreseeable future. This is in response to their persistent negative stance on all matters involving the club, and the undermining and unsettling of our players and staff members."

In response, the paper has decided to stop filling its back pages with Cherries news, and has instead given an airing to other sports and other clubs. They didn't even cover the recent departure of manager Lee Bradbury on it's website.

It is a brave decision, a strong decision, and certainly a thumbs up in support of the 'free press.'

I have never suffered the misfortune to be banned from a club, or seen the EADT turned away from Layer Road, Portman Road or the Weston Homes Community Stadium.

Not because of any "sucking up" to clubs. But rather down to a more 'grown up' relationship between clubs, and between each manager. Or so I'd like to think!

Here are just a few differences of opinion I have had with past managers, most of them light-hearted:

1 Roy McDonough - I was once criticised, by 'Big Roy,'  for not drinking enough on an away trip!

Those were the days when I would occasionally travel on the U's team-coach, to the long away games, like Exeter, Torquay, Chester, Carlisle and alike. This practise continued, on and off, during the eras of George Burley and Steve Wignall, although I have made my own way to games for the last 16 years.

The days of local press-men travelling with the playing squad are long gone, and rightly so.

But on one return from an old Fourth Division encounter, I think after a visit to Carlisle's Brunton Park (though my memory is a bit hazy), I was chastisied by the boss, Big Roy, for not joining in the post-match drinking merriments on the bus.

My abstinence - or just one can of lager throughout the whole journey - was not due to the fact that I was a kill-joy, or was engrossed in work,, but due to the fact that I had to drive my car home to Bury St Edmunds, once we had arrived back at Layer Road, in the dead of night.

Big Roy could be very persuasive, but I stuck to my one can!

2 Mick Wadsworth - it was sometimes difficult to get in touch with ex-U's boss Wadsworth, during the week, during his short stay at Layer Road in 1999.

And I remember one occasion when I telephoned the club office, to have a chat with Wadsworth about team news, only to be confronted by a voice pretending to be the cleaner.

It knocked me off my guard. No chance of extracting any injury news from the cleaner. But the voice at the other end of the phone ended up being a mischievous Wadsworth.

And he had the last laugh, keeping the U's up when relegation looked on the cards.

3 Roy Keane - no one ever really fell out with RK, during his spell at Ipswich,  because communications between the press and the Irishman tended to be purely through official press conferences, rather than personal phone calls.

I was on the wrong end of a few of his deadly, steely stares, and received the odd curt reply to a question (probably not a great question), but that kept me on my toes.

It was pure theatre.