I can’t believe it’s nearly two years since the first Rochester LitFest took place (the third one is coming soon, check out the event page on our website) and I keep harking back to The Skywatcher Investigation, which was so different to anything else we’ve done. It was a bit of a logistical nightmare but the overall event was so awesome, I’ve been hankering after doing something similar ever since.

We were lucky to have had a lovely weekend, since two of the tableaux took place outside, in Nucleus Art’s garden (at the Rochester gallery) and the nursery out the back of Johnstone’s Tool and Paints DIY shop in Rochester High Street. Both had paving so we knew, if it if was raining, we wouldn’t be wallowing in mud.

Our weather always presents this challenge, doesn’t it? When we have a lovely summery day, outdoors arts is an incredible experience.But when it’s raining, it makes it just that little bit harder to appreciate. Many a pair of shoes has turned from a pleasing pastel colour to a mud-splattered multi tonal design by the end of the day.

I think I found a solution!

We (well, him indoors) are actually considering synthetic grass, having taken possession of a few samples recently. He’s very taken with the idea since I do no gardening whatsoever, I just want somewhere nice to sit. But it got me thinking - how much easier it would be to plan an outdoor event like Skywatcher in a park or garden, knowing it’d be mud free? Triffidus Corpus could be brought to life again - and maybe this time, we (the cast) would get to see everybody else’s tableaux too.

I might have just talked myself into it.