EVERYBODY in love with JLS, go on put your hands up.

I’ve actually only got one in the air; I’ve got to save some love for fellow X Factor runners-up One Direction. The way they flip their hair [especially as I have none] gets me overwhelmed. That’s what makes them beautiful.

Anyway; JLS’ gig at Chantry Park this summer is another reason why Ipswich is the place to visit this year.

“We are working hard to bring diverse range of exciting events to Ipswich in what promises to be a great year for culture in the town,” Ipswich Borough Council’s Paul Greene tells me.

“This year sees Ipswich Borough Council helping to deliver more major events than in any other year with the Ipswich Arts Festival, Maritime Festival, Olympic Torch Relay, Jubilee and JLS concert just some of the highlights. And Star Event will be the place to get the latest news on it all.”

You heard that here first too folks.

Ipswich is just one of six places across the UK where Aston Merrygold, Marvin Humes, Oritsé Williams and JB Gill will perform their new outdoor show - which is something to be proud of in itself.

Not only that, I’m told we can expect some very special support acts for the August 26 gig.

[Pixie Lott, Pixie Lott, please Pixie Lott, or Kelly Clarkson or Tulisa or…]

Sorry I drifted off then. Where was I? Oh yes, JLS.

One of the most successful groups to come out of the ITV1 show, having them here and in such a massive setting is fantastic.

When it comes to staging large scale events I think we’re the best. Just look at how well Pink’s visit to Portman Road the other year went and Ipswich Music Day is always one of the highlights of the region’s events calendar.

I can’t wait to see live Doctor Who theatre experience The Crash of the Elysium later this year either.

I’ve got my eye on an exact replica of the coat worn by David Tennant’s Doctor. Unfortunately my wife has her eye on our purse strings.

“It’ll look so cool, billowing heroically as I run from whatever monsters are waiting for me,” I whine, trying to justify the £275 plus postage, packing and severe alteration [I'm a tad shorter].

“Buy it and the only thing you’ll be running from is me,” she replied, her voice verging on a Dalek-like rasp. I may end up living inside the set.

I still think Radio One should bring its Big Weekend here and I'd love to see Portman Road stage some more concerts though.

JLS tickets are available now from the Ipswich Regent and www.ticketeast.co.uk or by calling 0871 224 1112.

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