Its getting towards the end November and it seems that Christmas is already upon us! Every shop I go in is now covered in tinsel, fake snow and jolly snowmen and you can’t avoid the obligatory Christmas music! My little girl is fascinated by all the glitz and sparkle and insisted on yelling “star” every time she saw one in the supermarket on Saturday (and there were a lot of them!)

 Suddenly you feel the need to rush out and buy all your Christmas presents and food and this can be quite expensive when you have kids. I must admit that we have been quite good this year and already bought most of our daughter’s presents in the Autumn sales. However, as she is only going to be 1 ½ at Christmas, she is still too young to understand what is going on and ask for specific presents, so it has been fairly easy. I suspect we won’t have this luxury next year. I mustn’t be smug though as I still have to think of gift ideas for the rest of the family!

I am really looking to getting into the Christmas spirit with F this year. Last year she was a little too young (six months) and was a bit overwhelmed.

We took her to see Father Christmas arrive in Exeter on Saturday. He arrived down the high street with a vintage fire engine and was accompanied by his reindeer, local majorettes and pantomime characters. I’m not sure what F thought about the old bearded man in the red coat, but she loved the reindeer!

After the parade we went to see the reindeer having a rest in their shelter outside WH Smith and she was entranced. When we left I literally had to prise her fingers off the railings so that some of the other children could have a look!

In the next few weeks we will go and see the Christmas lights, visit Santa’s grotto. attend a toddler group Christmas party (Father Christmas is rumoured to be making an appearance), make Christmas cards for family and have a practice run at baking mince pies.

What festive events / activities would you recommend for toddlers?