Taking advantage of a beautiful weekend morning, Surrey Life paid a visit to the striking Hankley Common film set of Macbeth.

French Oscar-winner Marion Cotillard is playing Lady Macbeth opposite 12 Years A Slave star Michael Fassbender, in this new adaption directed by Australian Justin Kurzel.

While the cast are having a couple of weeks away from the common between Elstead, Frensham, Tilford and Thursley - returning from Saturday March 1 to Wednesday March 12 - buildings representing a small Scottish village are still fully visible.

Said to depict a chapel, Duncan and Malcolm’s tents and Macbeth’s bed chamber in Inverness, the craftsmanship is as always to be admired - but while the actors are away the constructions are propped up with support posts and covered in tarpaulins in some places. Generators are hidden behind ‘hay bales’ and a group of oversize crosses loom ominously in the distance.

The set is perhaps a little smaller than the one erected for James Bond’s Skyfall manor but as our friend The Foraging Photographer’s previous shots have shown it looks no less atmospheric with smoke pumped through, and wind and rain appearing naturally.

I can’t wait to see it on the big screen, but here for now are a few of my photographic efforts from the day. 

Signs warn of filming on arrival at Hankley Common

A small encampment is visible in the distance on the MOD land

Yours truly at the Macbeth set

The chapel is visible behind the wooden cross

Something is surely missing during the break in filming?

Generators are hidden behind straw constructions

Is that a boat? On landlocked Surrey countryside? Well Skyfall had lakes and mountains added...

A wooden cart that appears to have seen better days

Damage done? During filming or just by the inclement winter weather?

Power cables give away the medieval lie of the Scottish film's set

Oversize crosses loom ominously away from the main set

Watch this space for the film's release date...

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