Kent drivers are nearly the fastest at paying fixed penalties.

Figures released recently by the Home Office show that Kent drivers are the second fastest in the UK at paying fixed penalties issued in connection with a range of road traffic offences with only 14% paying late. We were beaten into second place by Yorkshire where the figure is only 13%.

Apparently we overspend nationally by a massive £18 million in late penalty charges with almost a third of drivers paying late. Fixed penalties have to be paid in 28 days and go up from £60 to £90 if paid late. Whilst some police forces offer some latitude, many do not and the problem will get worse when some fixed penalties go up later this year - mobile phone use is scheduled to go up to between £80 and £100 in an attempt to deter drivers using them. 

And just to add another figure, last year saw nealy 1 million such notices issued. Hardly surprising given the number of cameras around.

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