"A prophet is not without honour, except in his own country "- so say the scriptures. It is also true that Kent's finest musical duo - whilst enjoying international acclaim - remains relatively unknown here in Blighty. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, The Webb Sisters of Sevenoaks.



(Thoughts on their only Kent Concert on 14 December 2011)


 O little church Bartholomew’s

How still we saw thee lay,

The spire all clad with scaffolding

And wrapped with sheets all grey.

But in thy pews and aisles that night

As candles dripped the throng,

Sweet music climbed the heavenly stair

And tears assailed the strong.


For home they’d come, these sisters two

To Otford’s oldest shrine,

With Hattie’s harps and mandolin,

And Charley’s strings sublime.

And what was this, a brother too

Who stroked the drums for fun?

And in the seat in front of me

The world’s most proudest mum.


We’d heard of tours in foreign lands

With Cohen’s star most high,

Of album tracks and download things,

Yet scarcely dared to pry.

But now we saw, through eyes our own

The glory of their form

Angelic voices in a church,

Before the Christmas storm.


We know not when they’ll come again,

And grace these Kentish Downs

For prophets are, as we all know,

Subject to local frowns.

But sing again they surely will

If dad can have his way

And then perhaps – if time permits,

Their Rod will also play.