We are all familiar with those readers letters to The Daily Telegraph from retired army officers, invariably signed off "Angry of Tunbridge Wells". In similar vein, David Philpott has a light hearted tongue-in- cheek rank at Perfect Polly and Sainted Sangeeta for missing the news story of the week.

Angry of Tonbridge

Dear BBC,

Why o why o why weren’t you there?  As an organisation you were an exhibitor and sponsor, but no camera crew or lone reporter was to be found meandering around the pulsating building where ‘Tomorrow’s World” was being born.  As 300 teenagers from all over Kent designed Apps and embraced the next generation of video technology in an ideas factory all of their own, nobody from Auntie Beeb was to be seen. I speak of Teen Tech held in Tonbridge on Tuesday.

I had tweeted @Polly_Evans but the evening news presenter never turned up.  Nor for that matter did Sangeeta – don’t you just love her? She may hail from “the other side” as my dear old mum still likes to refer to ITV, but this was a good story worthy of either George Alagiah or Mark Austin on the 10 o’clock news.

As the early morning Indian summer sun burned hot on the river Medway, insects and birds danced along the tow path as if they had been born again, as I made my way to the venue.  And born again is perhaps an apposite phrase - for it was in the River Centre – an award winning church-cum-conference centre - that the event of which I speak, was being held.

Teen Tech - the creation of former Tomorrow’s World presenter Maggie Philbin - had come to town and created such a buzz among the uniformed teenagers in attendance, that one could be forgiven for wondering where all the teachers were.  Erstwhile truants stood next to straight A students as engineers and IT gurus gave them a glimpse of what the future might look like. This was hands on stuff and the kids loved it.  Wicked! Random! or whatever it is they say when something is good.

“According a recent survey of the top 100 technology companies in the UK, 75 did not exist ten years ago” Adrian Wenn told group of VIP’s from the County Council and assorted quangos.  He should know.  As Regional Director of Clydesdale Bank he wants to invest in tomorrow, not yesterday.


Mine has been an interesting week.  A great business meeting early on with a self styled mompreneur – you know combining a business life with being a mum (had the penny dropped?) followed by two days at a helicopter exhibition and conference near Cambridge – with the obligatory black tie dinner of course (but very good on this occasion) and then two days business it the Cotswolds.  All these have created a kaleidoscope of possibilities to write about this week but nothing stood out quite as much as Teen Tech.

If it made such an impression on me, I wonder why it slipped through the usually capable hands of Sangeeta, Polly et all?

Answers on a postcard please, Points of View................