Kent poets, musicians and dancer on stage in Deal

On Weds 15th Feb I'll be taking part in a collaborative poetry performance with Kent poets and musicians Vicky Wilson, Frances Knight, Cathy Richards and Felicity Brookesmith. Joining us will be my daughter Aimee, a dancer in her final year at performance arts college. Aimee's been dancing since she was three but has recently has also been developing her singing and acting talents, and for the past two Christmasses has been the Principal Boy in Ramsgate's Granville Theatre pantomimes Aladdin and Jack and the Beanstalk. One reveiwer commented on her beautiful voice. As her mum of course I think she's amazing and always proud of her, but it's heart-warming to see how her own hard work and determination is helping her to achieve and fulfil her ambitions as a multi-talented artist.

Daughters is a multi-layered performance, showcased last year at The Tom Thumb Theatre, Cliftonville, and at the Horsebridge, Whitstable, during the Canterbury Festival. One reviewer described it as

a fascinating series of performances, as varied as the performers themselves... I found the show insightful and exciting, and an important presentation of the mix that has created the modern UK.

Our performance explores the experiences of being a daughter or having a daughter, of the joys, sadness, and universality of the theme which moves from 60s Guyana, wartime Europe, to funny and moving pieces in 70s Britain. The poems are introduced by a short dance performance, and supported by music and images, as we as artists experiment with ways of bringing poetry to the stage as theatre. So far we have all done it for love, but an application for funding to develop it further and tour it in the South-East is currently being considered. We all hope the application will be successful, as too often home-grown talent is overlooked even though Kent has creative artists who can hold their own on any national or international stage. Come and see us if you can. Oh, and be prepared to be offered the opportunity to take part if you'd like to.


Daughters is at The Astor  Community Theatre, Stanhope Road, Deal, CT14 6AB, 7.30 pm, Weds 15th February.