From Poet to Prose Writer: Maggie Harris' new book

At last! it's taken five year! Five years of pondering, reflection, research, and angst! But on August 1st, 42 years after I emigrated to the UK from Guyana, my memoir, Kiskadee Girl, my first major work of prose, is to be published by Kingston University Press! Poetry has been my main thing for the past fifteen years or so, and I've been out and about running workshops, and performing as a poet. However the idea of writing a memoir always intrigued, especially knowing that younger members of my family don't know much about my cultural background apart from the bits and pieces they've been fed, including my mum's famous cookup rice!

The process hasn't been easy, and looking back at the past always makes me sad, especially as so many members of the older generation have passed on. I worked from my diaries, talked to my mum, and sisters, and generally looked at the whole colonial process that had brought so many different strands of people together, from Europe, Asia and Africa. Looking back at the young me was sad too, although interesting. What angst! What dreams! What a lovesick fool! But what passion!

Now it's really happening, now its own journey starts, the book will take its own path. I'm excited and concerned at the same time. Will people like it, will people read it, will I be slagged off by the more cryptic, the cynical? Ah well! Such is the life of the artist. Here we go!