making do and making when poetry isn't enough

Technology and me don't mix. Ask my partner about computers that freeze when I touch them, washing machines that refuse to start, phones that pretend they're busy. I spent two days writing my last blog and two attempts at posting them. They have disappeared into cyberspace. Not that it matters now, the thing about blogs is old news quickly gets to be stale news. I wrote about the snow or lack of it in Wales where I am at present. We diidn't have a smidgen, but it still mucked up my plans for visiting Kent as nothing was moving there. I tend to get these advance tickets which can be cheap but what a cost if you can't use them! Trying to get some compensation but not holding my breath. Next Day Delivery too, is not what it seems. Posting a ticket to my sister, for which I paid the princely sum of a fiver to the post office, (£18) for the ticket, it didn't arrive until three days later, too late for her to use so she had to fork out £46 to visit me in Wales. Looking through the compensation form I noticed that Next Day Delivery does not mean that at all, that you can't claim your goods back unless you have waited TEN DAYS! Is that not a con? I will never use it again.

In the blog that disappeared I talked about my new baby grandson, who I haven't got a chance to see yet because of the SNOW. Well he gurgled on the phone last night and apparently has smiled already though he's only two weeks old. I won't see him now till Christmas Eve. Travelling to Tunbridge Wells next Tuesday to launch the poetry anthology Sixty Poems for Haiti at the Camden Arts Centre. Poets reading are Luigi Marchini, Anne Stewart, Geraldine Paine, Sarah Tait, Kadija George, Dorothy Fryd, myself, and hopefully Caroline Price and Clive Eastwood. Copies available from

And then we will all be launching ourselves into Christmas! I love Christmas! Presents this year are thin on the ground because I am so poor, but I have been resourceful, have trailed round boot fairs and charity shops picking up bargains for months now, and been resourceful in making my own lavender bags, gathering and plucking the little darlings, and sewing a variety of bags, lace-edged, heart-shaped, and together with the home-made shortbread biscuits am not walking empty-handed. Maybe I should go into business? Beats being a poet.