I promised to come clean about the gorilla, so here goes. To read the whole story, please see my blog.


This weekend is the Wivenhoe Open Gardens, and I agreed to include my Boat For My Potplants among the 26 gardens taking part.


As well as having a display of REAL and ARTIFICIAL plants and flowers, against the better judgement of a peeved 'Erindoors. But once she got into the spirit of things she suggested that we get a gorilla for it.


'Don't be daft', I said. 'Folks will laugh at me.'


She muttered something inaudible under her breath.


I considered things for a moment.


'Brilliant! And we can have palm trees and everything. We can call it 'Gorilla In The Midst Of The Wivenhoe Open Gardens'.


Sometimes I even surprise myself with how my brain works.


So, I'm off now to Mill Race Garden centre to borrow a gorilla, and then to B&Q to borrow some palm trees.


Just another normal Wivenhoe day.