A while ago I was invited by Jeannie and Pat of The Wivenhoe Society to include my boat in the Wivenhoe Open Gardens. The Wiv Soc raises funds for the St Mary Church and a local charity by selling programmes and tickets to the event. What a damned fine coup to include a boat for the first time in living memory, despite the fact that I'll actually be away for that weekend (carrying out very important research of the restaurants and local wines of Malta).


I thought long and hard. Another damned fine idea came to me. I will integrate artificial plants with real ones so that viewers can try to spot the difference from their quayside viewpoint.


But how could I prevent the pots from falling overboard? The solution came to me in a fit of genius when I visited the local Aldi and saw a picket fence for only £3.99. Now I like brands, but I love Aldi better, so I snapped up the little bargain like a shot.


Now all my problems are solved. My garden is closed in like a sheep pen, except I couldn't find a sheep to put in it. But I did find a gorilla.




To be continued some more...