I'd have to kill you if I told you of the secret location that I went to this morning in order to clean up the canopy for the Boat For My Potplants. What a brilliant set up. Plenty of indoor space, a warm water pressure washer, drying line, and a nice bloke to show me how it all works. Special thanks to Oliver and Sarah from Sail And Cover at Woolverstone Marina near Ipswich for their help. What jolly fine folks they are.


On return to Wivenhoe I managed to replace the canopy all on my own, and mighty fine it looks too.


I was so in the mood to continue cleaning that I thought I must take advantage of an unusual opportunity. My nautical neighbour John had taken his boat out, meaning that I had unprecedented port and starboard (ooh, er, missus, listen to me talking the lingo), access to my boat's sides.


So I baled out my little tender and paddled along with sponge in hand. The boat's looking a million rupees now, all *** and span ready to receive the gorilla on board for the Wivenhoe Open Gardens.


'GORILLA?!?', I hear you cry.


To be continued.