What a day it was on Thursday! Firstly, the wonderful and excitable Andy Harris from The Motorhome Channel and his cameraman, the cool and calm Julian, turned up at chez nous. From there The Lovely Jane ('Erindoors) and I set off to see Tallulah The T-Reg in its secret storage location. Once there, we spent TWO HOURS filming a five-minute segment that will be broadcast in just a couple of weeks.


When Andy interviewed 'Erindoors about what plans we had for the interior, she remarked how brown it all was, and that we were planning to paint the cupboards.


'NO NO NO - YOU CAN'T DO THAT' was Andy's reaction. I thought he was going to blow a gasket. He was so enthusiastic about Tallulah's original '70's decor. He even described how he'd happily wrap the plastic shower curtain around himself. 


I was quite disturbed by this image, despite the shower and curtain never being in contact with water for at least 29 years. Even so, there's only so much a man like me can take.


The day finished up with some links being filmed outside my Boat For My Potplants. After that we were all so hungry we could have eaten a horse, but we made do with simple fish 'n' chips.


To round things off, I returned to the boat later in the evening for a meeting with the lovely Alison Kent. Alison contributes a regular column in The Wivenhoe News, a most charming local rag, and she wanted to do a piece about yours truly under the guise of 'Workers Of Wivenhoe'.


Well, I can't honestly say I got much work done that day. But who wants to work when all this is going on?