Is it really early March or am I dreaming? The sun comes out and so do the crowds.


How could we resist taking the canoe out for a trip up the Roman River for a pint at The Whalebone?


Up with the tide coming in, and back with the tide going out. That's the way to do it.

Those of you familiar with this 'ere blog will know that our good friend Canoe-Man Jon plays a big part in quenching our thirst for all-things-a-paddling. And Saturday afternoon was no exception.


And thanks to Jon, I learned the beauty of the 'J-Stroke', helping to make light work as we made our way to the landing stage at the end of the river.


We tied up and then walked along the track towards the pub, taking in the wonder of the mill.



Thank our lucky stars for living in such as place as this.


And to cap things off nicely on Sunday, Jon joined us for a beer on the Boat For My Potplants, when he shared his words of wisdom to us.


They are as follows...


"Why go somewhere else on holiday when we're already here?"