We were warned about the storm. Yesterday I took some precautionary measures and hoped for the best. I had dug in the kedging anchor and checked the lines. And I had moved the planters away from the deck sides.


This morning, from the comfort of our flat I wondered what all the fuss was about.


That was until I ventured out. 'I'm just popping down to the boat to check it's okay', I said to Jane. 'Be careful', she said. 'It's only a bit of wind, I said jokingly.


Well, what a fool I was. As I walked along the quay I was literally nearly blown off balance by a gust as strong as anything I'd ever encountered.


I noticed Pete The Roof coming off his boat. He'd slept on it last night just to keep an eye on it. Luckily no problems, but the gusts were now getting stronger as I approached my Boat For My Potplants. As I got closer I could see a couple of the canopy fastenings had broken free. I knew I'd have to walk the plank, climb aboard and close the catches before a gust got underneath and ripped the whole thing off.


As I balanced on the gunnels (I think that's what you call the side bits), I suddenly felt vulnerable to the elements, and decided to get off as quickly as I could before I got blown off.


The next high tide will be this evening. I certainly hope the gusts will have died down by then.