Well, it's all been river-related, but I didn't actually manage to get to The Boat For My Potplants to mess about with some new speakers. Maybe tomorrow. I never got round to try out the Bose speakers given to me by my sister Emma and her man Charlie, but I will make it my mission to do so just as soon as I can. You never know - it could sound brilliant.

On the canoe


'Look out the window and take a deep sigh'. (the lyrics to a song in my heart). 'Come on Jane, let's go', I said, early this morning. We went out on the canoe. She loved it. I loved it. It was lovely.


Then, there was the run alongside the river. I didn't run - she did. But I kept her company riding alongside with the best bike known to mankind, kindly given to me by Claire (she was the Olympic flame bearer in Saffron Walden last year, and triathlon extraorodinaire).


After that I was sent out for some milk from the farm shop. Being so nearby to Alresford, I couldn't resist but call in with Alphonso 2nd (my old 1968 Fiat) to see our mates Ian and Sue, who live there. Ian FORCED me to drive his beautiful MG up the road and back. I couldn't say no. It was a 'wow' experience that I will remember for a long, long time.


Claire's bike

Back in time for a great 'music extravaganza' at Geoff and Trish's, who live by the river. What fun, involving drinking wine and beer and having the craic together - six blokes sitting around and playing music tracks with the volume on eleven. Wonderful.