The last time the Lovely 'Erindoors and I went down on to the Boat For My Potplants was a good few days ago - and that's a crime of the highest order - especially with this gorgeous weather we've been having recently. We've been just too damn busy - and I thought we came to Wivenhoe for a quiet life!

 Did you see? Last week we had the strangest formation of cloud above the boat ever. It was like looking at mountain peaks in the sky, and I'm sure I was sober.

 However, the hot sun and sudden downpours have been causing havoc with the geraniums on the deck. They don't know whether to wither and die, or come on at a pace of knots.

 I distinctly remember telling 'Erindoors that it would be best to have plastic artificials, instead of real things, but would she listen to reason? No way. She's got a mind of 'Erown, that girl has.


So much so that she's become fed up with being a boat-widow and has decided to go and get her own boat-extension...a canoe. And not just any old canoe - it's a Canadian Canoe that you sit up on, just like the one I went to Mersea Island with Canoe-Man Jon at five in the morning.

With his advice, she's gone off to get it right now, whilst leaving me here to make my own tea.

 I hope she'll let me on for a paddle. It could be the beginnings of a new, leaner and fitter me.


The only thing is, where will I put the potplants?