I don't know anything about dogs, and yet I feel a friendly connection to them - especially Tetley, the Cutest Canine On a Boat. Please read my blog and see what all the furry fuss is about.

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Today's blog...


The conversation went like this at the lunch party:


Me (who doesn't own a dog): 'I've done this competition to find the Cutest Canine On A Boat, and out of the thousands of entries from the Norfolk Broads website forum, Tetley is the winner. I'd like to send a little something to Tetley to commemorate his new-found champion status, but I can't think what it could be.'

Wayne (who does own a dog): 'How about a dog-tag?'

Me: 'That's brilliant, Wayne - I'll get straight on to it.'


So I promptly sent off for a solid gold tag from the 'Solid Gold Dog Tag Company' and put my credit card through for the squillion quid that it cost, and hey presto it came in the post just a few days later. (The bit about the gold isn't quite true).


It's now winging it's way to its soon-to-be proud owner, and I hope it'll make him even more cute when he wears it.


He (and his owners, Mark and Julie) have an open invitation to come aboard my Boat For My Potplants anytime they happen to be near Wivenhoe. A dog bowl and biscuits await.


And if Mark and Julie aren't hungry, Tetley is more than welcome to have them instead.