Read on to see what could be the best thrill - even more than freewheeling downhill for 40kms - FAST! For the full history, have a look at

I went to Tenerife and experienced what I thought was the ultimate thrill - a downhill off-road freewheel mountain-bike ride from the top of Spain's highest peak. Two thousand three hundred metres high up at the start, sixty-five kms at speeds of up to 40mph, with a few hair-pin bends thrown in for good measure, and sea level at the end.

I returned home last night, tired and exhausted, but couldn't wait to check my emails - just in case there was some news that I'd been anxiously awaiting.

And there it was. From Brightlingsea Boat Park And Ride, the Suzuki dealer, saying 'Engine is fitted'.

I dashed down to see my Boat For My Potplants this morning and within a second forgot about the bike ride. I just topped the ultimate thrill as I stood and gazed at my new motor.

Mental note to self: Say Big Thanks to Tracy at BBP&R, Gareth at Suzuki GB Marine, and of course my secret Blog-Reader whose generosity made it all happen.