Why should I be surprised with this winter's disappointment on board the Boat For My Potplants? Read on to see that one gets what one pays for. And to see the virtual tours of the boat on YouTube - before and after - just go to my blog at www.aboatformypotplants.blogspot.com

I apologise to all my green-fingered friends out there in the boating world. I assume there are many. Or at least several. Perhaps a few. Or is it only me?

Since receiving a thousand pounds from a reader of this blog, with which to purchase an outboard motor, I've been somewhat neglectful of another very important aspect relating to my Boat For My Potplants - the potplants themselves.

This year they are indeed a sorry state of affairs. I did have my doubts when I saw them for sale outside a house in the High Street, with a sign "Winter Pansies For Sale - TEN for a fiver". So I suppose I only have myself to blame.

I mistakenly thought that my high-class horticulture would look after itself whilst I was busy holding top-level talks with motor manufacturers at The London Boat Show.

Without the potplants, there would be no boat. So although I may be ecstatic about A VERY EXCITING DEVELOPMENT with a certain company beginning with 'S' and ending in 'I' (more details next blog), I must remind myself that even winter pansies need the care and attention that they deserve.