Why is the Cap'n of The Quay all up in arms about my Boat For My Potplants? Read on to find out how all I'm doing is to brighten up the view from the pub...

What the hell is THAT?

"What the hell is THAT?"

Indeed, the good Cap'n of Wivenhoe Quay has every right to question what the hell is THAT doing on the Boat For My Potplants. Perhaps he was thinking that boats should be taken a little more seriously than I was demonstrating.

Well, we have taken it seriously - we've got green material on starboard, and red on port.

But I'm sure he'll come round to the sight eventually, and see that all I'm doing is brightening up the view from the tables of The Rose And Crown, as the merry drinkers gaze longingly towards the multi-coloured brand new canopy that was fitted only yesterday.

I bet they all wish they had one.

Congratulations to the delicious Danielle, the apprentice from Sail And Cover Ltd, who cut her cloth for the first time on The Boat For My Potplants, and got it right first time. And thanks to the charming Charlie for fitting the cover so expertly. And lots of gratitude to the sensational Sarah who's Sail And Cover company so generously entered into the spirit that is The Boat For My Potplants, and who made it all happen.

I raise my tumbler of whiskey very high in the air to all of you.