Just when I was running out of paint, my enthusiasm has picked up again. Read on to see how Dulux have done it for me.

Fired Up Again

My paint's run out. But thankfully those awfully nice people at Dulux Trade have supplied me with enough to sink a battleship, let alone a boat with some potplants on it. So, my glass is raised to you dear Dulux folks. It won't be long before I'll be opening up the tins of Supergrip Primer, Weathershield Undercoat and Weathershield High Gloss that you have kindly given me - all top stuff that will help me prove that I don't need that expensive specialist marine paint that some people say I should be using.

It is true to say that after all the euphoria of the Boat For My Potplant's launch, and then some subsequent shenanigans about where to park it, my enthusiasm for cracking on with the next phase of the renovation had waned slightly.

But now that I've had a much-needed rest to get my batteries recharged, I'm very much looking forward to beginning the next phase of the renovation - the bit at the back (cockpit, I think it's called) and the lounge, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom (cabin, galley, bunk and, er, Porta-Potty).

'Erindoors seems to be pleased with the way things are coming on. And I'm very pleased to be using Dulux Trade products - so bright, tough and perfect for use in such a harsh working environment.

Thanks, Dulux!!!